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Science Advice Skills Development Program (SASDP)

This form is to be filled by the Nominating Organization, established and operating on the African continent


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Nominating Organization

The Nominating Organization (university/research institute/Academy of Science) should be a recognized organization established and operating in Africa which is engaged in science advice.


Eligibility of being a mentee

The nominee should be a mid-career African scientist or researcher working on the African continent who has obtained his/her PhD in the past 5 years with extensive and rigorous research and evaluation experience. The nominee should be less than 50 years old and must show an interest in science advice with a scientific record as evidence of great promise in his/her field of expertise related to climate change. Nominations should not be based on the rank of staff at the organization, but on the skills and experience in undertaking research.

Nominations must be submitted, with requested supporting documentation, to Dr Richard L.K. Glover ( at the Secretariat of INGSA-Africa, with Dr Shaheen Motala-Timol ( ) in copy, by 15 July 2022.

The information provided will help us to match your nominee with a mentor that has the experience and skills that best meets his/her development needs and the field of expertise, as well as the need of your organization.


Responsibilities of Mentees

  1. a) To participate in the virtual introductory and closing workshops.
  2. b) To fully engage with the Mentors in the designing of the virtual mentoring program
  3. c) To attend scheduled mentoring meetings over 3 months
  4. d) To achieve the identified outcomes (policy papers, white papers, policy brief, report, statement etc.)
  5. e) To prepare the final document for science advice to be presented at the closing workshop.
  6. f) Organise a dissemination event at their organization to share their experiences and findings with their peers


Nomination form for the Science Advice Skills Development Program

Application Process for the INGSA-Africa SASDP program 2022

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Information on Nominating Organization

Note: The nominating manager at the organization will be contacted to confirm their support for the nominated candidate. They will need to respond to an email enquiry from INGSA-Africa in order for the application to be considered.
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  • By filling out and submitting the application form, you and your nominee give INGSA- Africa permission to share the information provided on the nominee with the INGSA Africa Steering Committee and with the mentors.
  • By submitting this form you confirm that you have all the relevant approvals from your organization and your nominated candidate to submit this application on their behalf. You also confirm that the organization will provide support and opportunity for successful candidates to complete the mentorship.