17 March 2020 – Mandatory health checks introduced at borders

Type of Intervention: Regulation
Sectors Involved: Health, Immigration
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: The law was established by the Parliament of Uganda, with the Minister of Health and Ministry of Health responsible for its contents.

Overview: Legislation providing powers to designated medical authorities to examine entrants to Uganda for health concerns, isolate/quarantine entrants, and/or disinfect vehicles or transport. These powers do not require prior consent. It also designates categories at the direction of the Minister of Health for entrants to Uganda with commensurate requirements for quarantine and self-isolation. Lastly, it sets penalties of imprisonment for violation of these laws. The target audience is medical professionals on the front lines, truck drivers and other individuals crossing the border. The intended effect was to provide legal powers to health and immigration officials in anticipation of a complete closure of the borders.
Full details here: https://ulii.org/ug/legislation/statutory-instrument/2020/53

Type of Justification: No justification given