19 March 2020 – Allowed deferral of tax payments

Intervention Categories: Legal and policy; Regulatory change; New initiatives
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: The German Government allowed taxpayers who are significantly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic to submit applications until 31 December 2020 for deferral of taxes already due or becoming due by this date.

Taxpayers will not have to prove the value of the damage incurred in detail. No strict requirements will be set when reviewing the conditions for deferral. The charging of interest on deferral will generally be waived.

Companies, self-employed persons and freelancers can also have the amount of their advance payments adjusted for income and corporation tax.

In addition, no enforcement measures shall be taken until 31 December 2020 for all taxes in arrears or due up to this date and late payment surcharges for taxes forfeited in the period from the date of publication of this letter until 31 December 2020 shall be waived as of 31 December 2020.
Full details here: https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Content/DE/Downloads/BMF_Schreiben/Weitere_Steuerthemen/Abgabenordnung/2020-03-19-steuerliche-massnahmen-zur-beruecksichtigung-der-auswirkungen-des-coronavirus.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=1