20 March 2020 – Government sets travel limitations and imposes economic initiative

This item is sourced from the CCCSL: CSH Covid-19 Control Strategies List co-ordinated by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria. We are in the process of gathering further information and aligning taxonomies for these items.

Intervention Categories: Legal and policy; Regulatory change; Environmental measures; Social and physical distancing measures; Special populations; Gatherings, businesses, and services
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: António Costa differentiated the limitations on the right to travel in three situations: people who are sick or under active surveillance, people in risk groups and the rest of the population. The first group “imposes mandatory isolation, whether due to hospitalization or home care, and the violation of this rule constitutes a crime of disobedience”. People in risk groups, “particularly over 70 years old or with morbidities” (particularly serious illnesses), “are imposed a special duty of protection, which means that they should only leave their homes in very exceptional circumstances and when strictly necessary, to ensure either the acquisition of goods, or to go to the bank, the post office or health centers, small hygienic walks, or to walk. Commercial establishments in the catering sector must end their service to the public, but the Prime Minister called for them to continue operating through takeaway and home delivery services. he Prime Minister also pointed out that “all companies, from any branch of activity that remain in operation, must pay particular attention to complying with three standards: those dictated by the Directorate-General for Health when social withdrawal (with preference for service to the public at the door or through a wicket), those for surface cleaning and the need to use personal protective equipment, and those for individual worker protection. The rest of the population, which does not belong to any risk group and is not sick or under active surveillance, “imposes the general duty of home care, and must at all costs avoid traveling outside the home beyond what is necessary”
Full details here: https://www.portugal.gov.pt/pt/gc22/comunicacao/noticia?i=governo-define-limitacoes-de-deslocacao-e-iniciativa-economica