17 March 2020 – Public health office recommends restriction on sale of non pre-packaged foods

This item is sourced from the CCCSL: CSH Covid-19 Control Strategies List co-ordinated by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria. We are in the process of gathering further information and aligning taxonomies for these items.

Intervention Categories: Legal and policy; Regulatory change; New initiatives
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: The Public Health office of the Slovak Republic recommends restricted sale of non-pre packed food and unpackaged food. Food staff are all to observe a high level of hygiene in order to control the spread of Covid-19.
Full details here: http://www.uvzsr.sk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4112:odporuania-uvz-sr-na-zabranenie-irenia-noveho-koronavirusu-sposobujuceho-ochorenie-covid-19-pri-predaji-potravin-pokrmov-a-napojov&catid=250:koronavirus-2019-ncov&Itemid=153