24 March 2020 – European Centre for Disease advises on handling bodies of deceased with suspected/confirmed Covid-19

This item is sourced from the CCCSL: CSH Covid-19 Control Strategies List co-ordinated by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria. We are in the process of gathering further information and aligning taxonomies for these items.

Intervention Categories: Education and awareness
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: Post-death body care concerns the preparation of the deceased immediately after death and before its transport. The most common participants in this process are: medical staff, family members / mourners and church members. The risks of transmission during this process relate in particular to direct contact with human remains or body fluids in which the virus is present or through contaminated objects or surfaces at the place of care of the deceased. The European Centre for Disease has issued a technical report regarding consdierations related to the safe handling of bodies of deceased persons with suspected or confirmed Covid-19
Full details here: http://www.uvzsr.sk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4134:stanovisko-ecdc-ohadom-bezpeneho-zaobchadzania-s-telami-zosnulych-osob-s-podozrenim-na-ochorenie-alebo-s-potvrdenym-ochorenim-covid-19&catid=250:koronavirus-2019-ncov&Itemid=153