08 May 2020 – Manitoba to purchase 1 million locally-produced re-usable N95 masks

Type of Intervention: Specific Action
Sectors Involved: Health, Supply Chains
Intervention Categories: Finance policy and financial aid; Financial aid to health services
Level of Jurisdiction: Manitoba
Lead People/Agency: The Manitoba Government placed the order for the masks, Manitoba doctors Dr. Christian Petropolis and Dr. Adrian Robertson designed the masks, and
Winnipeg-based Precision ADM finalized & produced the masks in Manitoba.

Overview: The Manitoba government will be purchasing up to 1 million N95 reusable silicone masks that were made in Manitoba. The masks are able to be sterilized following their use, and re-used up to 30 times. They are intended to meet the needs of front-line healthcare professionals.
Full details here: https://news.gov.mb.ca/news/index.html?item=47997&posted=2020-05-08

Type of Justification: To provide front-line healthcare providers with high quality personal protective equipment