11 June 2020 – Comprehensive safety guidance for public transit

Type of Intervention: Guidance
Sectors Involved: Health, Transportation
Intervention Categories: Education and awareness
Level of Jurisdiction: Ontario
Lead People/Agency: Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation; Kinga Surma, Associate Minister of Transportation; Christine Elliott, Minister of Health

Overview: Ontario’s Minister of Transportation and Associate Minister of Transportation released safety guidance for public transit agencies. The guidance was developed in consultation with health and transit officials, providing agencies with information required to protect employees and passengers as the province begins to reopen. It includes best practices and tips to help stop the spread of COVID-19, including recommendations for face coverings, practicing proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
Full details here: https://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2020/06/ontario-introduces-public-transit-safety-guidance.html

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Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group
Source of Evidence or Justification: Sub-national, provincial public health experts, Ontario’s framework for reopening the province
Evidence/Justification: The guidance was developed as part of the work that Ontario and public health experts are doing as the province begins reopening. This includes careful monitoring of public health indicators, as outlined in Ontario’s Framework for Reopening the Province. Government officials explain that implementing health and safety procedures and disseminating clear, consistent, and practical information to transit agencies will help protect both employees and users of transit services.