03 March 2020 – Review of study-abroad programs, potential travel restrictions, $40m for sick-leave budget

This item is sourced from the CCCSL: CSH Covid-19 Control Strategies List co-ordinated by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria. We are in the process of gathering further information and aligning taxonomies for these items.

Intervention Categories: International travel measures; Repatriation of nationals
Level of Jurisdiction: New York

Overview: The Governor also announced SUNY institutions will have students who are in study abroad programs in countries with high prevalence of novel coronavirus come home and will review all study abroad programs ahead of potential expanded travel restrictions by the federal government. SUNY is expected to release guidance later today. $40 million, “Amend […] Paid Sick Leave Budget Proposal to Specifically Protect People Who Stay Home from Work Because They Are Being Isolated or Quarantined as a Result of Novel Coronavirus”
Full details here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/during-coronavirus-briefing-governor-cuomo-signs-40-million-emergency-management-authorization