Agile and Adaptive Management of COVID-19: The Case of Iran

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02 September, 2020

Erfan Shamsoddin,
Ahmad Sofi-Mahmudi,
Ghasem Sadeghi,
Mansour Shaban Azad

Archives of Epidemiology


Managing coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, as an unprecedented public health emergency is considered to be one of the most burdensome cases of Public Health Management (PHM) in the 21st century. Considering the extra predicaments in the Middle East, PHM has been even more challenging for Iran, a country in Western Asia. Salience of assessing public health policies and their main determinants is paramount till reaching a global control over the infection spread. Economic resilience, healthcare system experience, and cultural tendencies seem to be the major drivers of health policies in Iran. Enhancing control over intragovernmental sectors, boosting the implementation of social distancing measures, and allocating the resources in more systematic manners seem to be essential for achieving better results in PHM of COVID-19 in Iran.


COVID-19; Economics; Health policy; Public health


COVID-19: Coronavirus disease-2019; PHM: Public health management; CE: Community engagement; PHE: Public health emergency; PPE: Personal protective equipment; NCC: National committee for combating coronavirus; WHO: The World Health Organization

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