INGSA launching a Southeast Asia Science Advice Network

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30th November 2020

Zakri Abdul Hamid

Chair of the Southeast Asia Science Advice Network (SEA SAN) (formerly known as ASEAN SAN)

INGSA is excited to announce the launch of the pilot of a new High-Level Science Advisors Network in Southeast Asia. This new network will be chaired by former science advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Prof Dr Zakri Abdul Hamid and will be supported by the INGSA-Asia Regional Chapter.
Prof Dr Zakri has just published an article in the New Straits Times, discussing why the new network will help structure and strengthen direct evidence-to-policymaking pathways in the region.

Asean-SAN will make science central to policymaking

THROUGHOUT the Covid-19 crisis, governments worldwide have appropriately prioritised strong frontline pandemic response services, ensuring rapid access to help for those who contract the virus.

Months of isolation, physical distancing, limited social interaction and the wearing of face masks are all taking a toll yet to be fully realised. We await with concern the long-term personal and socio-economic effects of, for example, moving so many educational and business activities online.

Governments are scrambling to develop economic stimulus packages — wage subsidies, tax exemptions and even cash transfers. Combined with the reduction in economic growth, these will result in a massive debt increase, creating a different set of challenges for the future.

Meanwhile, the environment is often an afterthought. In fact, it should be a top priority.

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