INGSA Supports Science Advisor Statement ahead of COP-26

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INGSA has supported the development and signing of a Statement by International Senior Scientific Advisers ahead of COP26. Including signatures of almost 40 senior Science Advisors from every corner of the globe this was an important show of solidarity ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.

The scientific case for urgent climate action is unequivocal. The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis showed there is no doubt human activity has warmed the ocean, atmosphere and land and the world is now 1.09 degrees Celsius warmer than it was in the early industrial era. Sea levels are rising, while weather extremes and their impacts such as heatwaves, excess rainfall, wildfires, flooding and droughts are more intense and more frequent. Climate modelling indicates that with every fractional increase in warming, these effects will get worse with all countries vulnerable.

Read the full Statement here...