EScAPE: Evaluation of Science Advice in a Pandemic Emergency – INGSA and Boulder collaborate on global project.

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“With more than 24 million recorded COVID-19 cases, over 830,000 deaths, and the pandemic still raging in many regions of the world, scientists from an array of disciplines are asking why some nations have fared better than others at curbing its spread.

Now, a new University of Colorado Boulder-led effort aims to look at the role science itself has played in influencing how countries and their leaders have responded – and what that response (or lack thereof) has meant for citizens.

“It is not a secret that in some places around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, the response has been less than successful,” said Roger Pielke Jr., an environmental studies professor who studies the intersection of science and public policy. “There are a lot of tough questions to ask about how research was used, not used or misused and how that shaped outcomes. We intend to ask those questions.””

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We view the NSF support as just a first step in developing a bigger and broader worldwide effort to assess science advice in pandemic-related decision making.

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