New Article by the Chair of the Southeast Asia Science Advice Network (SEA SAN)

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22nd January 2021

Zakri Abdul Hamid

Chair of the Southeast Asia Science Advice Network (SEA SAN)

Chair of the newly launched pilot inititative by INGSA – the Southeast Asia Science Advice Network (SEA SAN) –, Prof Zakri Abdul Hamid has published another article in the New Straits Times.
In his article, Prof Zakri promotes INGSA as well as the SEA SAN as international mechanisms for collaboration to tackle global challenges such as plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss, and highlights the support and contributions of Malaysian experts to the initiative.

Malaysian experts keen to impart lessons on environmental diplomacy

...Eleven years ago in London, during the launch of the Royal Society "Science Diplomacy" report, the then British prime minister, Gordon Brown said "many of the challenges we face today are international. And whether it's tackling climate change or fighting disease, these global problems require global solutions".

One new international mechanism for collaboration is the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA), whose mandate is to create a collaborative platform for policy exchange, capacity building and research across diverse global science advisory organisations and national systems.

Recently, the South-East Asian Science Advice Network (SEA-SAN) was launched as a regional chapter of INGSA. It aims to structure and strengthen direct evidence-to-policymaking pathways in Asean, particularly on the areas of shared regional concern within the Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon in 2015. The SEA-SAN pilot study will focus on the Covid-19 pandemic and the "new normal"...

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