Remi Quirion at Scientific Advice in crises: Lessons learned from covid-19 workshop – OECD

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The OECD GSF workshop on Scientific Advice: Lessons learned from COVID-19 took place on 3-4 March. This brought together experts from a number of countries and international bodies involved in developing, communicating and using science advice during the pandemic. Whilst many good practices were identified, it was recognised that there are a number of areas for improvement.

In this regard, 3 key messages emerged:

  • 1. For science advice to be recognised as legitimate and trustworthy, the process by which it is developed (including the actors involved) is as important as the rigour of its scientific content;
  • 2. It is important from the outset to take account of the full range of scientific (and other) expertise that can inform crisis response/complex societal challenges;
  • 3. Data analysis and integrated modelling are essential for scientific advice and in many cases the existing data infrastructures and processes are inadequate to cope with the variety of data and the speed of analysis that are necessary to provide useful advice at different geographic scales and for different population groups.

INGSA President and Chief Scientist of Quebec, Prof Remi Quirion was invited to speak on the panel "Ensuring a holistic/multidisciplinary evidence base" - you can watch the recording of all the panels now at: