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- 27 August 2021 (Canada release - No Embargo) - Montreal Host to International Conference on Science Advice to Governments 

- 30th August 2021 (International release - Embargo 08h00 30th August Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)) Science Advisors Unite In A Global Call For Evidence-Based Policy Making - 


- Invitation to the INGSA 2021 Congress

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EXAMPLE QUOTES (Embargo on use 08h00 (EDT) 30th Aug 2021)

Prof Rémi Quirion, Conference Organizer, Chief Scientist of Québec and incoming President of INGSA: “For those of us who believe wholeheartedly in evidence and the integrity of science, the past 18 months have been challenging. Information, correct and incorrect, can spread like a virus. The importance of open science and access to data to inform our UN sustainable development goals discussions or domestically as we strengthen the role of cities and municipalities, has never been more critical. I have no doubt that this transparent and honest platform led from Montréal will act as a carrier-wave for greater engagement”.

Dr Mona Nemer, Chief Science Advisor of Canada and Conference co-organizer,: “Rapid scientific advances in managing the Covid pandemic have generated enormous public interest in evidence-based decision making. This attention comes with high expectations and an obligation to achieve results. Overcoming the current health crisis and future challenges will require global coordination in science advice, and INGSA is well positioned to carry out this important work. Canada and our international peers can benefit greatly from this collaboration.”

Sir Peter Gluckman, founding Chair of INGSA: “Issues that were considered marginal seven years ago when the network was created are today rightly seen as central to our social, environmental and economic wellbeing. The pandemic highlights the strengths and weaknesses of evidence-based policy-making at all levels of governance. Operating on all continents, INGSA demonstrates the value of a well-networked community of emerging and experienced practitioners and academics, from countries at all levels of development."

Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, a member of the WHO's Science Council, and the face of South Africa’s Covid-19 science: “As a past anti-apartheid activist now providing scientific advice to policy-makers, I have learnt that science and politics share common features. Both operate at the boundaries of knowledge and uncertainty, but approach problems differently. We scientists constantly question and challenge our assumptions, constantly searching for empiric evidence to determine the best options. In contrast, politicians are most often guided by the needs or demands of voters and constituencies, and by ideology”.


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