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  • Tateo Arimoto, Yasushi Sato, Keiko Matsuo & Hiroyuki Yoshikawa: Scientific Advice, Science, Technology, and Policy Making in the Twenty-First Century, University of Tokyo Press (2016) ISBN 978-4-13-060316-4.
  • Justin Parkhurst: The Politics of Evidence, Routledge (2016). From evidence-based policy to the good governance of evidence.
  • Heather Douglas: Science, Policy and the Value-Free Ideal, University of Pittsburgh Press (2009). Douglas explores the role of values in science and the inadequacy of the ideal that science can and should be values-free.
  • Sheila Jasanoff: Science and Public Reason, Routledge (2012). Jasanoff examines how democratic governments make use of evidence and argument to legitimize decisions and be accountable to citizens.

Journal articles & special editions

  • PDF Heather Douglas: Inserting the public into science. In Sabine Maasen and Peter Weingart (eds), Democratization of Expertise: Exploring Novel Forms of Scientific Advice in Political Decision-Making – Sociology of the Sciences vol 24, pp 153–169 (2005)