Predicting COVID-19: what applying a model in Kenya would look like

As the Kenyan government continues to find more cases of COVID-19, test more people and trace those who were in contact with infected people, the number of COVID-19 cases in Kenya is expected to change.

For the government to successfully manage the pandemic, it needs to understand how the virus that causes the disease is transmitted and whether mitigation measures are effective.… Read More

Understanding the different characteristics of African cities will be crucial in responding effectively to COVID-19 on the continent

Developing an appropriate response to COVID-19 in Africa demands a nuanced understanding of the physical, economic and social factors that shape livelihoods in different African cities, argues Buyana Kareem.

Although global emphasis is on travel, cities are at the frontline of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) disease, and are critical to understanding what drives exposure to the virus, what its impacts will be, and – crucially – how to confront the pandemic.… Read More

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