Ecosystems and Human Health: Critical learning for all countries

AS we relentlessly encroach on nature and degrade ecosystems, we endanger the health of all humanity, a warning underlined by the Covid-19 pandemic in the most dramatic imaginable fashion. Inger Andersen, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme, last week noted that 75 per cent of all emerging infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic — originating from animals, whether domesticated or from the wild.… Read More

Science policy advisers aim to learn pandemic response lessons

Scientific advisor network starts collating examples of research influencing, and failing to influence, policy
As policymakers focus on the immediate horror of the Covid-19 pandemic, an alliance of science diplomats has begun compiling intelligence from the crisis to help avert future catastrophes.   The International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) has launched a “landing pad” for information and resources about “the science and policy interface” of the epidemic.… Read More

INGSA is well positioned to explore key issues associated with the Covid 19 Pandemic

INGSA/Koi Tū EXCLUSIVE The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into stark focus the interactions between science, experts, society, policy making, politics and diplomacy. Across the world these interactions have been and will continue to manifest in different strategies and decisions. Both to enhance management of the ongoing evolution of this pandemic and to gain lessons that can be applied in future pandemics and crises, we must understand and learn from these varied experiences. There are both lessons to learn from how we have got to this point, and many issues to consider as we move forward.

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