UCL Blog: Urban science advice and COVID-19

Millions of urban dwellers across the globe are currently under lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. While the virus is not only an urban issue, it is indisputable that cities have been the focus of some of the most rapid and stringent policy decisions designed to limit its spread. Lockdowns in major global cities like Paris have preceded those in the rural surrounds, attempting to slow the spread of cases between residents living and working in crowded urban settings and limit its diffusion along the multiple transit routes by which people commute for work and leisure.… Read More

Understanding the different characteristics of African cities will be crucial in responding effectively to COVID-19 on the continent

Developing an appropriate response to COVID-19 in Africa demands a nuanced understanding of the physical, economic and social factors that shape livelihoods in different African cities, argues Buyana Kareem.

Although global emphasis is on travel, cities are at the frontline of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) disease, and are critical to understanding what drives exposure to the virus, what its impacts will be, and – crucially – how to confront the pandemic.… Read More

Thur 9th April 6pm UTC+2 – #SciDipTalks | Barcelona and the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Global Cities

Since the crisis started in Wuhan, global cities have been hit the hardest. The spread of the virus around the world has forced governments to cooperate, both horizontally and vertically. Why is science diplomacy key to addressing global health crises? How can local institutions deploy a diplomatic strategy to deal with them?… Read More

Thur 16th April 6pm UTC+2 – #SciDipTalks | Diplomacia Científica Contra la Pandemia: Iberoamérica ante la Crisis Del COVID-19

Esta sesión abordará la respuesta de los diferentes gobiernos iberoamericanos a la crisis del COVID-19 desde el punto de vista de la política y la diplomacia científicas. Analizaremos la relación entre la investigación médica y el diseño de políticas públicas en el contexto iberoamericano y su impacto en las decisiones de los diferentes actores gubernamentales, así como el papel de la diplomacia científica y la cooperación regional en la gestión de la crisis. … Read More

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