Science Advice Ecosystems in France, Portugal and Greece – Joint Research Centre Reports

During September 2022, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published the three external expert reports that assess the science-for-policy ecosystems of France, Greece, and Portugal in their local language, after having been published some of them in English a few months ago.

Evidence-informed policy making – Building a conceptual model and developing indicators 2022 – EU Report

In principle, the application of available scientific evidence to policy making should improve its quality. As normative values and political judgements often also play a key role in decision making, this implies that evidence informs policy instead of determining it. In this context, the subject of the following study is the role of evidence in…

Assessing national institutional capacity for evidence-informed policymaking: the role of a science-for-policy system – Kathryn Oliver 2022

This report sets out a conceptual map for potential elements of a science-for-policy advisory ecosystem. The aim of this map is not to propose an ideal system, but rather to highlight how elements need to connect with each other at multiple levels; to allow us to ask how all involved in evidence production, mobilisation and…

Modelling for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Overview of JRC models

Abstract: Evaluating the potential impacts of each policy on all sustainability dimensions (economic, social and environmental), as captured in the UN SDGs and their targets, requires system thinking and shifting away from single disciplinary projects towards multi- and inter- disciplinary approaches that recognize complexities and acknowledge uncertainties. Modelling is an essential tool to increase the…

Interlinkages and policy coherence for the Sustainable Development Goals implementation: An operational method to identify trade-offs and co-benefits in a systemic way

Abstract:The broad scope and complexity of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute a new challenge for policy. The identification of effective implementation strategies would need to be supported by coordinated policies that take into account the multiple relationships existing between the different dimensions of sustainability. This report proposes an original method to identify and deal…

Commentary: Policy assessments to enhance EU scientific advice – Martin Kowarsch – Nature Climate Change – 2015

The European Commission needs to amend its new Scientific Advice Mechanism. Highly integrated, participatory assessments of policy alternatives are required for multidimensional, value-laden policy issues such as the European Union’s climate and energy policies….

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