INGSA Thematic Divisions

Communities Supporting and Developing Best Practice

Capacity Development

Resources for Building Resilient, Embedded, and Effective Science Advice

Developing the opportunities and resources to build dynamic and resilient knowledge-to-policy interfaces

One of INGSA’s key missions is to develop open-access material for teaching and professional development, as well as directly enable the opportunities for individuals and organisations at the science-policy interface to build their capacity.

INGSA Case Studies

Explore the complexities of working at the science/policy/society nexus through one of INGSA’s diverse range of Fictional, Historic, and Gamified scenarios. These are perfect for education, workshops, or professional development to build the skills required to untangle complex, contested, and multi-polar problems.

All INGSA Case Studies are available for use on a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence

Workshops and Seminars

Science, technology and innovation (STI) are crucial for the achievement of national, regional, and international development objectives. Scientific advisors are increasingly called on by policy-makers seeking to develop and implement evidence-informed policies. With this in mind, the INGSA runs and supports training workshops designed to strengthen capacities for providing science advice to governments.

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INGSA Conferences

INGSA’s flagship conferences provide the network with the opportunity to come together to share best practice, form international connections, and to hear from the leading thinkers in the field. These events result are important appraisals of the state-of-the-art as well helping to co-design the guideposts for the future science advice and science diplomacy.

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INGSA’s ongoing mission to provide flexible, context-specific education opportunities for individuals and organisations.

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INGSA Knowledge and Research Associate Grants

INGSA has previously provided research grants to scientists and policy-makers in the Global South, enabling them to explore knowledge-to-policy issues facing their country or region. This has resulted in diverse and deep knowledge creation on critical issues, and on how effectively evidence is translated into informed public policy.

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