INGSA has chapters in Africa (INGSA-Af), Asia (INGSA-As) and Latin America & the Caribbean (INGSA-LAC) with plans for Europe and the Middle East. Regional chapters are designed to build networks of common interest to enhance science advice capacity while respecting regional and domestic specificities.

The role of the regional chapters is to:

• Assist regional science advice capacity building.
• Build a network of science advice practitioners at a regional level (sharing contacts and best practices).
• Act as a support mechanism to policy makers.
• Build a regional science advice eco-system (supported by training and research grants).
• Raise awareness about the principles and practices of science advice.
• Provide regional input to INGSA for its global activities.
• Provide regional input into INGSA’s annual work plan and strategy.

For more information on INGSA’s regional chapters see the individual Chapter pages: