Grassroots Workshop – MANT-PSC Stakeholder Consultation Workshop – India, February 2024

The MANT-PSC Stakeholder Consultation Workshop, hosted by the People Science Centre (PSC, https://psc-mant.org/) under the Manbhum Ananda Ashram Nityananda Trust (MANT, https://mant.org.in/), took place in Laulara, Purulia, West Bengal on February 24, 2024 with financial support from the Grassroots Science Advice Promotion Awards 2023 from INGSA-Asia. The workshop focused on empowering tribal communities with scientific knowledge and development indicators to address climate change and other regional challenges. Key objectives included amplifying tribal voices regarding climate change, collecting feedback on issues in agriculture, livestock, and health, and facilitating dialogue among stakeholders. The workshop also aimed to integrate these discussions into a comprehensive learning synthesis.

Participants (experts, representatives of local government, tribal traditional leadership, women SHGs, academicians, and government officials) exchanged ideas and practical strategies to tackle climate change’s impact on local ecosystems, public health, and agriculture, emphasizing the need for community-based adaptation plans. The event highlighted the severe effects of climate change on tribal populations, such as increased heat-related illnesses, disrupted traditional livelihoods, and heightened health risks due to environmental degradation.

The outcomes of the workshop are intended to inform policy briefs and guide collaborative efforts between governments, NGOs, academia, and tribal communities to enhance resilience and promote sustainable development. The workshop was documented and broadcast live, ensuring wider dissemination of the discussed strategies and insights.

Read the full report on the INGSA website.