Grassroots Workshop – Science Advice on Disaster Waste Management – Philippines, July 2023

The project titled “Science Advice on Disaster Waste Management: Enabling Local Governments to Practice and Promote Building Back Better, Circular Economy, and Climate Change Mitigation,” funded by the International Network for Governmental Science Advice – Asia Chapter (INGSA-Asia), successfully concluded with significant outcomes. Held during the 2023 National Disaster Resilience Month, the project organized two pivotal events in Makati City, Philippines: the Forum on Access to Science Advice on Disaster Waste Management and the Business Continuity Management Seminar.

These events brought together local government officials, scientists, and stakeholders to discuss best practices and strategies for effective disaster waste management. Supported by both local and international organizations, the initiative has raised awareness, fostered collaboration, and shared knowledge among participants. The project also led to an increase in membership for the Philippine Association for Disaster Waste Management (PADWM), further strengthening the network of professionals dedicated to enhancing disaster waste management practices.

With mentorship from Dr Toan Ngoc Dang, esteemed member of the INGSA-Asia Steering Committee, and funding from the Makati City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, the project has made significant strides in promoting sustainable and resilient waste management, ultimately contributing to the mitigation of adverse impacts on communities and the environment.

Read the full report on the INGSA website.