The INGSA Horizons Video Interview Series


Sophie Howe – Long-Term Values & the Rights of Future Generations

How do you match long-term vision with short-term policymaking? And how do you properly embed generational values and equity across government. Koi Tū talks to the world’s First Commissioner for Future Generations.

In Conversation – Sir Patrick Vallance & Dr Mona Nemer

Two of the world’s most experienced science advice practitioners sit down for a candid and personal discussion on the pandemic, their roles, and the lessons for science advice…

Enabling Evidence Support Systems – Prof John Lavis & Dr Soledad Quiroz

The Global Commission on Evidence has now released it’s report in seven languages encompassing 24 recommendations for how the world can improve its culture and practice of evidence-informed policymaking.


Harmonising the Dichotomy: Development & Sustainability

There is a great tension between social justice, development, and sustainability. Yet they are complementary and you need to address all of them if any of them are to be achieved.

SPECIAL – INGSA2021 Digital Poster Winners

At INGSA2021 practitioners of science advice provided cutting edge research in the form of Digital Posters. Watch 6 of the best innovations in science advice.

Claire Craig and Sarah Dillon – Narrative evidence and Critical Listening

What is Storylistening? How can understanding narrative evidence and critical listening help up overcome the complex global challenges we face?

Joanna Chataway – Re-imagining research excellence & cultures of policymaking

What would it take to changing cultures of policymaking, & rethink the definition of research excellence? What are the challenges of being a practitioner at the coalface?

Prof Vikram Patel – The Mental Health Pandemic & Decolonising Global Health

A fantastic interview on de-colonising healthcare, the global mental health pandemic, and how the global funding system, entrenches inequality in intellectual capital.

Marietje Schaake – Digital Trade, Cyber Policy & Regulating the Tech Giants

Marietje Schaake is a former Member of the European Parliament. She chats on digital sovereignty vs governance, digital trade, and regulating the Tech Giants.

Elizabeth Seger – Knowledge Breakdown, Epistemic Security & Crisis of Trust

What is Epistemic Security? A discussion on knowledge, the risk of the ‘War on Science’ metaphor, and what can happen when the mechanisms for how we ‘know’ things falls apart.

Sir Jeremy Farrar – Inequality, the Social Contract, and a World Post-COVID

In a wide-ranging and honest interview, Sir Peter and Sir Jeremy discuss why some countries did better than others, nationalism and the limits of multilateralism.

Dr Clarissa Rios Rojas – Catastrophic Risk & the Rights of Future Generations

What is Global Catastrophic Risk and why are some countries instituting policies protecting the rights of Future Generations?

A/Prof Heather Douglas – Values, Bias & Societal Responsibility of Science

The new social contract for science, how value-laden science, and science advice are different from bias and the need for responsibility-based ethics in science.

Prof Roger Pielke – Proactive Science Advice & the challenges of democracy

How does framing issues change how we deal with them and why expert advice needs to understand the political and democratic context it works with.

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