INGSA-Africa – 2020 Research Survey on the role of scientific knowledge in Policymaking: Researcher & Policymakers perspectives

Overview of Survey The research project carried out under the commission of the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and the International Science Council Regional Office for Africa (ISC-ROA), sought to sample the views of scientists/researchers and policy/decision makers across Africa on the role of scientific knowledge in policymaking. Research questionnaires were used in making statistical inferences and comprehending the perspectives of scientists/researchers and policy practitioners on the use of scientific knowledge and evidence in policymaking processes in Africa. The study relied on similar but separate surveys specific to the participant’s role as either a researcher or a policymaking practitioner. Respondents self-selected which of these camps they fell into.

The surveys were largely similar to allow for direct comparison of responses. A total of 1,223 participants were contacted across the African continent using the INGSAAfrica, and other network, databases.

In total, the survey was completed by: • 118 Scientists / Researchers • 27 Policymakers / Policy practitioners

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