Evidence-informed policy making – Building a conceptual model and developing indicators 2022 – EU Report

In principle, the application of available scientific evidence to policy making should improve its quality. As normative values and political judgements often also play a key role in decision making, this implies that evidence informs policy instead of determining it. In this context, the subject of the following study is the role of evidence in identifying options and making choices, rather than the result (the policies themselves). This report represents the conclusion of thematic support to DG REFORM’s Competence Centre on Public Administration and Governance (PAG) which, together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is seeking to develop indicators on the institutional aspects of evidence-informed policy making (EIPM) in Member States. Through a series of online roundtable discussions with four leading PAG experts from four Member States, along with their written contributions, the objective was to build a conceptual model based on actual practice, and based on the model, to identify and interpret potential indicators that could be introduced into the EU’s Public Administration Assessment Framework (PAAF).

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