MIDGAZE – Armed rebellion and reintegration of ex-combatants – INGSA Case Study

In neighbouring countries, which are equally unstable, young people are joining radical movements that provide the livelihood activities and relative security that governments seem unable to ensure. Five years ago, Midgaze led a military campaign in the northern regions to quell an emerging coup— an intervention that did not have the unanimous backing of the population and was rather seen as a means to muzzle the opposition. From major southern cities to northern villages, young people openly criticized the operation. Since then, several isolated incidents in Midgaze bear witness to an emerging radicalization, including the arrest of young people seeking to join armed groups and a religious leader with presumed ties to the radicals.

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Categories: INGSA Case Studies
Tags: Fictional, Social, Social Cohesion
Author: Ag Arya Moussa, INGSA, Madiagne Diallo, Remi Quirion