ORANGERIA – mobilizando expertise de ciências sociais para reduzir criminalidade – Português – INGSA Case Study

At last elections, a centre-right party won most votes but could only form government in coalition with one of the minority parties, a centre-left party that is supported by urban, educated Orangerians. One of the key election campaign promises was to “make crime a top priority“. This promise was incorporated in the well-publicized campaign manifesto which included hardening of bail laws so that custodial remand is much more likely than in the past when bail would be given. The manifesto also included the introduction of longer prison sentences. However, the result has been an increase in prison populations, more incidents of violence in prisons and prison overcrowding, leading to a pressure to build new prisons. Orangeria’s underprivileged indigenous and minority youth are overrepresented in the prison population already and this percentage has grown since the new policies were enacted. The main newspaper in the capital, Orangeria Post, has been running a series of investigatory pieces pointing the rising number of young adult males now in prison. This is now causing considerable political angst amongst centrists.

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