RAWHITIA – Healing Psychological Trauma – INGSA Case Study with Mentor notes

There is a push (by the international community in particular but also by the new coalition government) to establish ‘intercultural’ schools built on the principles of trust and reconciliation. This project would be supported by a reformed curriculum, which would be used in the whole country, but it would be first rolled out in Arge’s intercultural schools. The national Ministry of Education is now recruiting experts (educationalists, historians, linguists, anthropologists and others) to lead the educational reform. The reform would include the production of new educational material (e.g. history textbooks) as well as the development of a broader approach that would make rebuilding of trust and relationships a central theme permeating all parts of the curriculum. There is support for this initiative in the public and in the academic community, but also a pushback by some experts. Leading historians and linguists, from both ethnic groups, are arguing that they have no independence in their project and that the politicians are telling them what to think about the objects how to do, rather than trusting the experts to do their job.

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