Work & Partner


The International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA) works through a distributed model of Chapters and Divisions overseen by a Central Secretariat and the Office of the INGSA President. As an international network of interconnected Chapters and supporting partners, there are diverse opportunities for organisations or individuals to work with INGSA.

See below for some ideas for how you might work, volunteer, or support INGSA in its mission to increase the capability, resilience, and positive outcomes at the knowledge-to-policy interface.


The INGSA Secretariat does have a small capacity to take on short-term interns for projects aimed to increase participants’ exposure to the concepts, practices, and stakeholders at the science-policy interface. These internships work best if they are a part of tertiary education courses that require hands-on experience.

If you are a student looking for an internship as part of your course, or if you are a professor or course coordinator looking to find opportunities for your students, please contact the INGSA Secretariat


Each INGSA Chapter and Division acts semi-autonomously and has their own workplans and Steering Committees. Therefore they each have their own requirements, capabilities, and opportunities.

Opportunities within the chapters can include:

  • Workshops – Sponsor and collaborate on capacity building or thematic workshops to meet the goals of your organisation
  • Internships – Volunteer opportunities to gain exposure and skills
  • Funding Partnerships – Support the growth of the Chapter or Division and help strengthen the science-society-policy interface
  • Project Work – Chapters have expertise and skills that might be useful for joint projects

To collaborate with any of the INGSA Chapters or Divisions, or to find out more, contact the Chapter/Division from our Contact Us page.


INGSA is a global knowledge leader in the field of science advice and science diplomacy – and we can convene experts from across our international network. We regularly undertake research and partnerships to produce in-depth analysis at the science-society-policy interface.

If you have a project to which INGSA could bring value or you would like to leverage INGSA’s global network of experts, please contact the INGSA Secretariat to discuss.