Grassroots Workshop – Public sector and Urban Groundwater challenges and policy reform – Pakistan, June 2023

Link to report: https://ingsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/FINAL-POST-WORKSHOP-1_Ms-Yasmin-Raza_revised.pdf

On 26th June 2023, winner of Grassroots Science Advice Promotion Awards 2022, Ms Yasmin Raza, organized a one-day workshop titled “The role of Public sector organization in Urban Groundwater challenges and policy reform, A case study of Asian giant city, Karachi, awareness, dissemination, and preparedness “. The workshop was funded by INGSA-Asia’s Grassroots Awards seed grant with the mentorship of our Steering Committee Member, Dr. Hammad M. Cheema. The workshop was jointly organized by the Geological Survey of Pakistan, Pakistan Council of research and water resources and University of Karachi under the auspices of INGSA-Asia. Objectives of the workshop include to develop policy regulation for urban areas i.e Karachi and disseminate information on groundwater importance among public and habitus for the conserve management of resources.

Approximately 29 participants who were members from academic, non-government, Government organizations, private sectors and NGOs participated in the workshop. Speakers of the workshop discussed case studies and addressed the importance of addressing urban groundwater challenges, the role of public sector organizations and the need for collaborative efforts among various stakeholders.

Key issues that were highlighted during the multiple lectures/talks and group discussion include how climate change impacts not only water resources, but also different natural resources, mismanagement and pollution of groundwater and lack of governing policies for urban areas. The need for sustained efforts in policy reform, groundwater management, awareness initiatives and the commitment to continued collaboration among public sector organisations, civil society and academia was also reiterated.

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