Grassroots Workshop – Postnormal Science Advice on The Rehabilitation of Manila Bay – Philippines, 2019

The workshop themed “Postnormal Science Advice on The Rehabilitation of Manila Bay” was held at the College of Science, University of Philippines, Dilmon Quezon City on the 26th and 27th of September 2019.

The workshop was initiated by the Dean of the University of Philippines, Professor Giovanni Tapang. Participants include members of the Philippine Coast Guard (uniformed service), the Center for Environmental Concerns (Civil society sector), AGHAM (People’s organization for advancement of science), United Methodist Church (religious organization sector), academe and the Maritime Industry Authority (representing the shipping industry).

The workshop facilitators were Dr Rodrigo Angelo Ong, Mr Vito Hernandez and Mr Felipe Jocano Jr who all teach at the Science, Technology and Society department of the university.

Participants learned about the basics of government science advice as well as how to separate the science and non-science cultural and political factors in science advice and policy, weighing of science informed options and coming to a consensus of what option to take. Participants were also involved in the INGSA Abron case study and role played various government and non-government actors in science advice. Participants for their final output was to provide a science informed policy brief on Manila Bay. The participants came up with two briefs, one was to focus on managing pollution and the other on reclamation of foreshore areas. 

Grassroots Workshop: Received seed funding from INGSA-Asia to run a science advice workshop in their organisation.