Expansion of the INGSA-Africa Steering Committee

In February 2021, INGSA-Africa celebrated its 5th year as a Regional Chapter of the INGSA network. In that time it has run a range of capacity-building activities across the continent, and been an crucial element in the growing awareness and capacity of providing science advice to governments.

To reflect this growth of the network and to help meet the ongoing demand for INGSA-Africa’s expertise, the INGSA-Africa ran a process to expand the INGSA-Africa Steering Committee in April 2021. 

We would like to announce that four new Steering Committee members have been appointed:

  • Dr Shaheen Motala-Timol – Mauritius
  • Dr Farah Ouechtati – Tunisia
  • Enock Musungwini – Zimbabwe
  • Prof Jean Liyongo Empengele – Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Steering Committee is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Chapter, as well as deciding and enabling the activities in the Chapter’s workplan. It provides a real opportunity to develop the practice of evidence-informed policymaking in Africa. We congratulate and thank both the new and existing members for the time, effort and expertise in guiding the INGSA-Africa Chapter.