Introducing the INCLUSIVE Project – Language, Culture, and Context in Science Advice

The INCLUSIVE project explores how language, culture and context affect the provision and use of scientific evidence in Europe. In its first phase, it is focussing on a small number of case studies defined by geography or topic and selected to provide a range of potential experience and contexts.

The geographical case studies are of Belgium, Norway, Poland and Switzerland; and the topic-based case studies are of genetic engineering and of energy transitions through the lens of nuclear power.

The work builds on existing extensive research about science advisory mechanisms and, to ensure the project remains oriented toward science advice in practice, we are conducting expert interviews to collate first-hand accounts to inform the case studies. 

The project is holding its first expert workshop in London in May. If you are aware of any major pieces of research or reports that focus on cultural contexts, especially in relation to the case studies, please send them to Rokia Ballo [].