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Effective and inclusive public policy relies on the best available data and knowledge. At this dynamic intersection between science, society, and policy how do we ensure that everyone involved have the skills, systems, and information required?

INGSA is the leading global on evidence-to-policy mechanisms, science advice, and science diplomacy.


Individual and institutional capacity of people working at the interface between knowledge production, policymaking, and society


Communities of Practice to share best practice in evidence-to-policy dynamics, reinforcing the integration of knowledge into decision-making from the local to the multilateral


Societies that are scientifically literate and engaged, and that underpin organisations and governments that understand the benefit of utilising robust knowledge as a policy input

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INGSA conferences are the focal point for truly global knowledge sharing on science advice and science diplomacy, the meeting place for practitioners and thought-leaders to help set the aspirations, goals, and gold standards for evidence-to-policy systems from the local to the multilateral. Check out all the content and reports and news on INGSA2024!

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