INGSA Major Projects

Collaborative projects at the cutting edge of science advice

INGSA’s unique position as a globally inter-connected network of researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners enables it to be a valuable partner in projects requiring its access or convening power. Below are some of the major projects and ongoing collaborations that INGSA and its Chapters/Divisions are currently involved in. Click on them for more information.

INGSA-Asia and US National Academies – Guidebook on Zoonotic Spillover in Southeast Asia

A Project to develop best practice and opportunities for improving the control of zoonotic spillover in the live animal supply chain in Southeast Asia.

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INGSA / GESDA Collaboration on Science Diplomacy

The Geneva Science Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) is the world’s leading science diplomacy foresight and training organisation. It’s Flagship Science Radar underpins training programs and projects to help ‘Use the Future to Build the Present’

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The International Public Policy Observatory – IPPO

INGSA has been a foundational partner in the UK-based International Public Policy Observatory (IPPO) – which formed during the COVI-19 pandemic to provide global policy intelligence to UK policymakers.

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INGSA-Africa Hub, Rwanda

The next step in INGSA-Africa’s mission to provide world-leading opportunities and skills development to practitioners at the science-to-policy interface, the Hub Rwanda will help understand, coordinate, and strengthen the national and regional science advice ecosystems in Africa

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