INGSA Special UN Roundtable – Science Advice & Multilateralism

Online Conference
September 2020

With Covid-19 affecting every aspect of life and governance, the pathways between science, policy and society were exposed and scrutinised like never before.

In Sept 2020, INGSA coordinated a global event to begin to look at how readily and effectively the world was using evidence to inform the pandemic response – the good, the bad, and the ugly

INGSA Special Roundtable – 18th September 2020
‘Science Advice in the UN and Multilateral System’

INGSA is proud to present a Special Event Roundtable to discuss what the COVID-19 pandemic might mean for mechanisms of science advice and diplomacy in the UN and multi-lateral systems. 

This Special Event Roundtable included: 

  • Dr Shantanu Mukherjee – Chief, Policy and Analysis Branch at the Division for Sustainable Development, UN-DESA
  • Dr Shamilla Nair-Bedouelle – Assistant Director General for the Natural Sciences, UNESCO
  • Tan Sri Prof Zakri Abdul Hamid – Former science advisor to PM of Malaysia, founding chair of IBPES and member of the former UNSG’s Science Advisory Board
  • Sir Peter Gluckman – President-elect of the International Science Council, former science advisor to the PM of New Zealand, and Chair of INGSA

To wrap up the INGSA Week of Dialogue, we will be releasing this roundtable discussion on Friday 18th September. COVID-19 has shown that we really are all in this together, and for 75 years the UN has been the most important forum for tackling truly global challenges. So how will the UN and multi-lateral systems have to adapt following the pandemic, and what can be done to prepare for the next big challenge?

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