INGSA2024 – The Transformation Imperative:

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Kigali, Rwanda
1st May – 3rd May 2024

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INGSA2021 Viewpoints – Think Piece Compendium

INGSA2024 Viewpoints – Thinkpieces from the cutting edge of science advice

INGSA2024 Viewpoints is the companion publication to the Kigali conference, featuring many of the speakers from the meeting, providing additional insight and provocations on the key issues facing science advice and science diplomacy.


Large-scale transformations in our socio-ecological and socio-technical systems are now required to meet the complex global challenges we face. Knowledge and its use will underpin how successful system change is.

Expanded Evidence

Complex problems require us to transcend conventional definitions of evidence and expand our sources of knowledge across cultures, languages, demographies, geographies, ideologies, epistemic traditions, & geopolitical alliances.


The world is experiencing a crisis of trust. Diverse audiences must be included in the processes that affect them for social cohesion to be (re)built and maintained. Only together can we find common purpose and evolve our knowledge systems.

5th International Conference on Science Advice to Governments

300 in-person attendees from 65 countries  | 120 Speakers across 22 sessions | Celebrating 10 years of INGSA | The first INGSA conference in the Global South

You can now watch all the sessions On Demand and download the session companion pieces in the conference ‘Viewpoints’

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