MULIKAMEE – Fighting unemployment, emigration and radicalisation – INGSA Case Study

The President of Mulikamée made the fight against poverty the primary focus of her seven-year mandate. She is seeking to establish a wide-ranging policy involving various ministries (Education, Youth, Homeland Security, Economy, Science, etc.), whose main objectives are to stabilize economic growth and lower the unemployment rate. She is concerned by the rise in radicalization…

KASSEMBLE – Integrating traditional techniques into curricula to address unemployment and poverty – INGSA Case Study

The prime minister of Kassemblé has made actions to reduce unemployment his key focus and is working to establish large-scale policiesinvolving a number of government departments to stabilize economic growth and lower the unemployment rate. He turns to you, his scientific advisor, for advice on the current situation and initiatives to lower unemployment rates.

RAWHITIA – Healing Psychological Trauma – INGSA Case Study with Mentor notes

There is a push (by the international community in particular but also by the new coalition government) to establish ‘intercultural’ schools built on the principles of trust and reconciliation. This project would be supported by a reformed curriculum, which would be used in the whole country, but it would be first rolled out in Arge’s…

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