Chilean National Library of Congress Workshop – Chile, Jan 2018

On Friday January 19th, a science advice workshop was held in a historical building inaugurated in 1876, home of the Chilean National Congress Library. The workshop was designed to foster collaboration between scientists and members of the National Congress Library, who routinely prepare documents to review high profile issues for members of the Chilean National Congress.

The New Zealand Ambassador in Chile Jacqui Caine, opened the activity introducing Sir Peter Gluckman and highlighting “the importance of science as the basis for political decisions, the use of evidence as a basis for public policies.

Peter Gluckman gave an introductory lecture on the relationship between science and public policy, and lead the discussion of case studies provided by INGSA. About 30 people participated in the discussion of tree cases:

  • Terremotia – Folk knowledge and the understanding of risk                             
  • Orangeria – Mobilizing social science expertise to reduce crime                       
  • Tangeria – Gene-editing and climate response                                               

Attendants were very pleased with experience and encouraged the organizers to offer this type of activity again. The workshop was organized by Mr. Raimundo Roberts, member of the National Congress Library and Dr. Soledad Quiroz, from Universidad Santo Tomás and Latin-American INGSA member.