Supporting the policy systems underpinning the future of Africa

The desire for evidence-informed policy is strong across the continent, and INGSA-Africa provides a focal point for the development of individuals and institutions, tailored to the needs of our nations


Providing local practitioners with a way to network with their peers, while utilising that collective knowledge to develop Africa-specific insight into the relationships, processes, and systems of science advice


Connect African practitioners and knowledge with the global conversation to ensure that African lessons and innovations are a part of developing best practice in science advice


Enable INGSA-Africa members to create new knowledge, build new skills, and leverage unique opportunities to build the science advice and science diplomacy systems of the future

INGSA-Africa Hub, Rwanda

Based in beautiful Kigali, INGSA-Africa has established a new regional hub to help grow science advice capacity in the region. The INGSA-Africa Hub, Rwanda will be an important element of INGSA’s work on the continent, initially building up Rwanda’s evidence-to-policy pathways before expanding to provide training and networking opportunities to members across Africa.

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