INGSA-Europe [In Development]

INGSA has a long history of working in Europe and is now in the early stages of developing a dedicated Regional Chapter. See below for information on some of the workshops and meetings, INGSA has previously run in Europe.

In order to provide a focus for the emerging Chapter, INGSA is undertaking a new research project on the role that language, culture, and context play in the production, provision, and reception of science advice.

Dubbed the INCLUSIVE Project, this work will be led by the INGSA Vice-President for Evidence, Dr Claire Craig (UK), and will underpin the early work of the European Chapter.

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Featured – the INCLUSIVE Project:

European News and Events

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As the INCLUSIVE Project and INGSA Europe develop we will be looking for partners and participants to help further build on INGSA’s established network across Europe. To be one of the first to find out more, just join INGSA now – it’s free!

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