INGSA-Europe Events and Activities

The INGSA-Europe Chapter is in development and will work towards providing additional opportunities for individuals and organisations to network, share knowledge, and be a part of a hub for innovative, inclusive, and context-sensitive knowledge-to-policy systems.

Through workshops, networking opportunities, and novel research, INGSA-Europe will continue to be an important element of Europe’s leadership in science advice. To find out what opportunities are coming up, or to find resources and information from previous events, see below.

If you would like to become a member of INGSA-Europe and receive information about upcoming events, sign up for free at: and just put your ‘Geographic Region’ as ‘Europe’ – it’s that easy!


INCLUSIVE Project – Language, Culture, & Context in Science Advice

What role does Language, Culture and Context play in the development and dissemination of knowledge-for-policy?

Europe is culturally and linguistically diverse – yet it is also highly interconnected. How is policy-relevant knowledge developed, transmitted, and understood in culturally and contextually diverse circumstances? The INCLUSIVE Project, lead by INGSA-Europe has just released its first report which explored some of these questions.

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Workshops, Events, and Opportunities

INGSA-Europe Past Workshops and Resources

Since 2016 and the INGSA2016 conference with the European Commission, INGSA has been running Capacity Development workshops and events across the Europe. See the list of activities and access the workshop resources.