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INGSA-Africa - NASAC Regional Capacity Building Workshops

INGSA-Africa and the Network for African Science Academies (NASAC) are collaborating on a series of webinars on "Enhancing the capacity of Academies of Science in Africa to provide rapid science advice in emergencies" See below for more details

24th October 2022 - Eastern Africa Webinar - 3pm-5pm (East Africa Time)


Featured Speakers:

  • Professor Paul Berkman, Harvard Law School
  • Dr Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka, Makerere University
  • Dr Frida Njogu-Ndongwe, IDinsight


25th October 2022 - Northern Africa Webinar


Featured Speakers:

  • Prof Abhi Veerakumarasivam, Sunway University and Chair of INGSA-Asia
  • Prof Ghada Bassioni, Ains Shams University Egypt
  • Prof Mohamed El Kassas, Helwan University


26th October 2022 - Southern Africa Webinar


Featured Speakers: 

  • Professor Paul Berkman, Harvard Law School
  • Prof Himla Soodyall, Academy of Science of South Africa
  • Dr Shameen Jaumdally, University of Cape Town


27th October 2022 - Western Africa Webinar


Featured Speakers:

  • Mr David Mair, Science and Knowledge Service Unit, European Commission
  • Prof David Dodoo-Arhin, University of Ghana
  • Prof Obinna Onwujekwe, University of Nigeria


28th October 2022 - Central Africa Webinar


Featured Speakers:

  • Dr Kristian Krieger, Knowledge for Policy Unit, European Commission
  • Dr Amal Amin, National Research Centre, Egypt
  • Prof Nkem Khumbah, University of Michigan


Read the full Speaker Biographies here

Science Advice Skills Development Program (SASDP)


INGSA-Africa invites relevant organizations (recognised academic or research institutions; Academies of Science) in Africa, which are engaged in science advice, to nominate qualified staff as mentees under its Science Advice Skills Development Program (SASDP).

The Science Advice Skills Development program is established by INGSA-Africa to tackle the need to build African capacity in the area of communicating science advice effectively.

The SASDP will focus on the topic of Climate Change in Africa (Health, Water, Energy, Food Security) - The program will favour those with expertise related to climate change.

  • The program will engage 20 mentees who are mid-career scientists and researchers from African countries.
  • Mentees will be nominated by their organizations, they should not be nominated based on their rank in the organisation but on their potential and interest in developing skills in science communication and advice.
  • The program will run over a period of 3 months.

Applications are now closed - See the full Call for Nominations here

Announcement of Winners
2021 Call for
Academic and Technical papers on science advice in emergencies

The Africa Chapter of INGSA thanks all those who responded to the 2021 INGSA-Africa – 2021 Call for Academic and Technical papers on science advice in emergencies.

The six papers submitted showed varying degrees of quality and content. Making a final decision on the winners was therefore not so easy.


INGSA-Africa has the pleasure in announcing the two best submissions as follows:

  • Isolation and Identification of Hydrocarbons- Degrading Bacteria from Panteka Stream, Kaduna, Nigeria, and Assessment of their Potential for Bioremediation

- Dr Elizabeth Nwagwu, Department of Biological Sciences, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria.


  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 Diagnostics: Key to Africa's Recovery

- Dr Shymaa Enany, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt.


CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners. Each winner will receive a cash award of Three Hundred Euros (€300) towards travel to present the winning paper at a regional or international conference.

For inquiries, please contact Ms Nomfundo Mahlangeni at:  and Dr Richard L.K. Glover at:




As part of INGSA-Africa's 2020 workplan the chapter undertook an extensive consensus report on The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in Africa. The aim of the report was to better understand the current state of play and the dynamics of various national and pan-national stakeholders providing evidence and science advice to policymaking.

Now the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) and the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) have teamed up to present a virtual roundtable discussion and launch of the joint consensus study report—entitled The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in Africa — on the role of science advice and science academies in Africa. This virtual event took place on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 and hosted a range of high level academicians from across Africa.

As part of their service-oriented work, both NAS and UNAS regularly convene expert panels to interrogate and reach consensus on crucial issues in science, technology, innovation, and development in Africa.  Expert panels rely on credible, verifiable, and politically neutral evidence to guide their deliberations.  This report is the culmination of one such effort funded by the International Network of Government Science Advice (INGSA). 

Read or download the full report here

Expansion of the INGSA-Africa Steering Committee

In February 2021, INGSA-Africa celebrated its 5th year as a Regional Chapter of the INGSA network. In that time it has run a range of capacity-building activities across the continent, and been an crucial element in the growing awareness and capacity of providing science advice to governments.

To reflect this growth of the network and to help meet the ongoing demand for INGSA-Africa's expertise, the INGSA-Africa ran a process to expand the INGSA-Africa Steering Committee in April 2021. 

We would like to announce that four new Steering Committee members have been appointed:

  • Dr Shaheen Motala-Timol - Mauritius
  • Dr Farah Ouechtati - Tunisia
  • Enock Musungwini - Zimbabwe
  • Prof Jean Liyongo Empengele - Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Steering Committee is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Chapter, as well as deciding and enabling the activities in the Chapter's workplan. It provides a real opportunity to develop the practice of evidence-informed policymaking in Africa. We congratulate and thank both the new and existing members for the time, effort and expertise in guiding the INGSA-Africa Chapter.

2020 INGSA-Africa Consensus Report -
The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in Africa

As part of INGSA-Africa's 2020 workplan it undertook an extensive consensus report on The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in Africa. The aim of the report was to better understand the current state of play and the dynamics of various national and pan-national stakeholders providing evidence and science advice to policymaking.

INGSA-Africa, with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) commissioned the consensus study through the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS).

This is a tremendous piece of work by the Academy and INGSA-Africa, and is a must-read for those wanting to understand science advice at a national and regional level. It provides insight and case studies on science advice, science diplomacy and science communication.

A pan-African expert committee, who advised the study, have made a number of recommendations that INGSA-Africa hope will provide direction for future discussion and action in strengthening the culture and mechanics of science advice on the continent.

Read or download the full report here

2020 Research Survey Report on the role of Scientific Knowledge in Policymaking: Scientist and Policymaker Perspectives

As part of their 2019 workplan, INGSA-Africa surveyed scientists and policymakers regarding their views on the use of evidence in policymaking across Africa. The research project was carried out with the support of the INGSA secretariat and the International Science Council Regional Office for Africa (ISC-ROA),

The report provides insight and comparison into how evidence-informed policy making is conducted and perceived across Africa - where scientists and policymakers are in agreement and where, more importantly, there are large disconnects between the experience and the expectations of the two groups.

The 2020 INGSA-Africa Research Survey is a timely and incisive look at the current state-of-play, and provides strong signposts for how systems and relationships could be better leveraged for even greater benefit in the region. We encourage you to have a read of the report and to share it:

Read the full report here: 2020 INGSA-Africa Regional Survey Report

Please Note: A Synthesis Report is being developed that will integrate Regional Surveys from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

2019 Essay Competition - Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the INGSA-Africa Essay Competition.

Check out the winners and their essay abstracts now!

This competition was open to all scientists, professionals and policy makers that participated in INGSA science advice to governments’ workshops that were held in Hermanus, South Africa in 2016, Dakar, Senegal in 2017 and Kigali, Rwanda in 2018.

The essays were to address the state of science advice to regional, provincial, municipal or national legislative and executive branches of governments.

A prize of €300 and a diploma will be awarded to the best essays by a special jury appointed by INGSA-Africa.


Recent 2019 Workshops

Central Africa sub-regional workshop – Cameroon, August, 26 – 27 2019

The Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists, in partnership with the Chief Scientist of Québec, Professor Rémi Quirion and the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ)INGSA-Africa and the Cameroon Academy of Sciences, with the support of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Higher Education, held a Central Africa Sub-Regional Workshop on Government Science Advice from the 26th to 27th of August 2019 at the Yaounde Conference Center Hall, Cameroon.

The objective of this French-language workshop was to develop and reinforce the capacity of researchers, academicians, government members and civil society on the concept of Science Advice to Governments for decision making and implementation of Government evidence-based-practices.

For more information and to access the workshop materials, see the workshop page.


Ethiopia - 28th - 31st October, 2019

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and INGSA were pleased to co-host a series of science advice workshops in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from the 28th to the 31st of October 2019.

The workshop series was designed for policymakers and scientists living or working in North Eastern Africa to enhance capacities in embedding evidence in policymaking at all levels of government.

The series of events included:

28-29 Oct A one and a half day science advice workshop with policymakers and select researchers and scientists
29 Oct A half day open public evidence informed policy-making forum – all welcome, particularly the academic and research community
30 Oct A one day workshop focusing on the role of science advice for health – seeking both policymakers and health researchers
31 Oct A one day science advice workshop dedicated for young scientists

For more information and to access the workshop materials, see the workshop page.


2018 INGSA African Workshops

August: Rwanda – Regional Workshop


2017 INGSA African Workshops

March: Senegal – Francophone Africa 

November: Nigeria – Learning Collaborative Workshop


2016 INGSA African Workshops

February: South Africa – Anglophone Africa