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INGSA-LAC Hosts First Annual Meeting on Science Advice –
De la ciencia a la sociedad ¿Dónde estamos y hacia dónde vamos?

On May 31st 2022, INGSA’s Latin American and Caribbean Chapter held its first annual meeting on “Governmental Science Advice: Where we are and where we are going”.

The event brought together more than 20 experts in science advice and science diplomacy  from 12 countries in the region, Canada and the UK, including the President of INGSA, Dr. Remi Quirion and the Vice President for Policy, Dr Soledad Quiroz.

With more than 80 attendants, the meeting brought together scientists, policy makers, and members of civil society for half-day of lectures and debates, based on experiences of science advice in the region.

The objective of the meeting was to promote instances of participation to identify the challenges in science advice and science diplomacy in several  areas and sectors

Check out all the videos on YouTube.

INGSA-LAC Partner on Legislative Science Advice Workshop for Argentina

In collaboration with Centro de Estudios, Investigación y Prospectiva Parlamentarios de la Escuela de Política, Gobierno y Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad Austral, the INGSA-LAC Regional Chapter has been invited to run a high-level webinar on the merits and challenges of creating a science advice office to advise the Argentinian Legislature. – Click here for more information!

INGSA-LAC 2020 Science Advice Essay Competition – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

INGSA is proud to present the 10 winning essays of the 2020/21 Science Advice Essay Competition. These essays provide a critically important view across a range of science advice issues at regional, provincial, municipal and national levels. Likewise we are excited with the regional diversity, with winners from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thank you to everyone who contributed an essay to the competition. These 10 winning entries are recognised for their insight and their effort. You can access each of these essays in full at the announcement page, and they will be published as blogs on the INGSA website over the coming months.

Please see the announcement page for the list of winners!

2020 Research Survey Report on the role of Scientific Knowledge in Policymaking: Scientist and Policymaker Perspectives

As part of their 2019 workplan, INGSA-LAC surveyed scientists and policymakers regarding their views on the use of evidence in policymaking across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report provides insight and comparison into how evidence-informed policy making is conducted and perceived across Latin America and the Caribbean – where scientists and policymakers are in agreement and where, more importantly, there are large disconnects between the experience and the expectations of the two groups.

The 2020 INGSA-LAC Research Survey is a timely and incisive look at the current state-of-play, and provides strong signposts for how systems and relationships could be better leveraged for even greater benefit in the region. We encourage you to have a read of the report and to share it:

Read the full report here: 2020 INGSA-LAC Regional Survey Report

Please Note: A Synthesis Report is being developed that will integrate Regional Surveys from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Previous Workshops

Science Advice Capacity Building Symposium and Workshop – Bogotá, Colombia

The Latin America and Caribbean Chapter of INGSA, and the Colombian Academy of Physical, Exact and Natural Science held a Science Advice Capacity Building Symposium and Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia on August 22nd and 23rd, 2019.

See the event page for the workshop report and workshop resources.

Previous Awards

INGSA-LAC Science Advice Essay Competition – WINNERS

INGSA is proud to announce the 10 winners of the 2019 INGSA Latin America and the Caribbean Science Advice Essay Competition. Thank you to everyone that submitted an essay to the competition and congratulations to all of the winners!

To see the winners and to download all their essays, see the announcement page