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To support the development of evidence-to-policy mechanisms around the world, INGSA collates academic publications as part of our Resource Library. We rely on practitioners to send us updates on information they believe should be listed in the Resource Library – send your submissions to

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Humanities and Social Sciences Communications Collection

In 2014 INGSA was invited to edit a thematic collection on Scientific Advice to Governments for Nature Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, edited by Sir Peter Gluckman and Prof James Wilsdon. For anyone looking to publish Open Access on evidence-to-policy theory and practice, the collection is still open for submission.

Papers in the INGSA collection are included below, along with other leading academic papers in the field.

Academic Papers – Science Advice & Science Diplomacy

TitleAuthorYearGeographic RegionTagsLinkhf:tax:dlp_document_yearhf:tax:dlp_document_regionhf:doc_tags
City/science intersections: A scoping review of science for policy in urban contexts, , 2024, , , 20242024 academic cities urban
An evaluation framework for institutional capacity of science-for-policy ecosystems in EU Member States2023Europe, , , 2023europeecosystem european-commission evaluation framework
AI tools as science policy advisers? The potential and the pitfalls, , , , , , , , 2023, , , 2023ai artificial-intelligence nature tools
What works to promote research-policy engagement?, , , , , , , 2022 academic ecosystem what-works
Pay no attention to the model behind the curtain, modelling principles
Assessing national institutional capacity for evidence-informed policymaking: the role of a science-for-policy system – Kathryn Oliver 2022, , , , , , ecosystem europe european-commission indicators jrc principles
The dos and don’ts of influencing policy: A systematic review of advice to academies – Oliver, Cairney 2019, 2019, 2019academies principles
Science Diplomacy and Future Worlds – Colglazier 20182018, 2018foresight science-diplomacy
Four principles for synthesizing evidence – Nature, 20182018, , 2018nature principles synthesis
The role of evidence and expertise in policy-making: The politics and practice of science advice – Gluckman 20182018Oceania, , 2018oceaniaacademic australia new-zealand
Commentary: Policy assessments to enhance EU scientific advice – Martin Kowarsch – Nature Climate Change – 2015, , , 2015 climate-change energy european-commission
Cartography of pathways: A new model for environmental policy assessments – Elsevier 2015, , , 2015 environment policy
Scientific Integrity in a Politicized World – Prof Heather Douglas – Academic Paper 2014, 2014 ingsa2014
The temporal dimension of knowledge and the limits of policy appraisal: biofuels policy in the UK – Claire Dunlop 2009, , 2009 ingsa2014 united-kingdom

Academic Books – Science Advice & Science Diplomacy

Science in Negotiation: The Role of Scientific Evidence in Shaping the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 2012-2015, , 2022sdgs un united-nations
Race and Sociocultural Inclusion in Science Communication: Innovation, Decolonisation, and Transformation, , , , , , 2023culture decolonisation inclusive language race science-communication transformation
The Politics of Modelling: Numbers Between Science and Policy, , , , academic climate-change covid19 modelling
The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in Africa – INGSA-Africa Consensus Study – 2020/21, , , , , ecosystem global-south ingsa-report ingsa-africa research stakeholders
The Politics of Evidence – Justin Parkhurst – Book 2016, 2016book ecosystem
Scientific Advice: Science, Technology, and Policy Making in the Twenty-First Century – University of Tokyo Press – 2016, , , 2016asiaecosystem japan
The ethos of scientific advice: a pragmatist approach to uncertainty and ignorance in science and public policy – Arthur Pedersen 2014, , , 2014book-chapter culture risk uncertainty
Bullshit at the Interface of Science and Policy: Global Warming, Toxic Substances,and Other Pesky Problems – Prof Heather Douglas, 2014, , , 2014 book-chapter climate-change ingsa2014

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