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Commentary and Discussion on Evidence-to-Policy

Evidence-to-policy processes occur at the intersection between Science, Knowledge Production, and Society. As such, the field is pushed forward not only through academic research, but also discussion, debate, and explanation in public forums such as the media.

Therefore, INGSA collates some of the most pertinent commentaries and articles on science advice and science diplomacy, from INGSA leaders and other practitioners from around the world. We rely on INGSA members to send us updates on information they believe should be listed in the Resource Library – send your submissions to

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Commentaries / Op-Eds – Science Advice & Science Diplomacy

TitleAuthorYearGeographic RegionTagsLinkhf:doc_tagshf:tax:dlp_document_yearhf:tax:dlp_document_region
View from the top: Academic leaders’ and funders’ insights on the challenges ahead2024, , , academic elsevier foresight leadership2024
AI tools as science policy advisers? The potential and the pitfalls, , , , , , , , 2023, , , ai artificial-intelligence nature tools2023
Why Citizen-Driven Policy Making Is No Longer A Fringe Idea, , , deliberative-democracy democracy ippo koi-tu
Comprendre l’essor de la diplomatie scientifique – The Conversation [FRENCH], , , , francophone french rfi science-diplomacy
International Science Council Podcast Series, , audio isc podcast
For what purposes is research evidence used in legislatures? What are the enablers and hindrances? – Evidence & Policy Blog UK, , francophone legislative rfics
Bridging the science-policy gap means gains for everyone – Prof Yongyuth Yuthavong – SEA SAN – University World News, , , asia collaboration science-diplomacy sea-san
Science Diplomacy and Future Worlds – Colglazier 20182018, foresight science-diplomacy2018
Four principles for synthesizing evidence – Nature, 20182018, , nature principles synthesis2018
Science, Policy & Diplomacy – Can We Accelerate Progress on the SDGs? ASSAF, 20182018Africa, , , , africa assaf science-diplomacy sdgs united-nations2018africa
Science and International Relations – Tan Sri Zakri Abudul Hamid – June 20182018Asia, , , global-south multilateralism science-diplomacy sdgs2018asia
Commentary: Policy assessments to enhance EU scientific advice – Martin Kowarsch – Nature Climate Change – 2015, , , 2015 climate-change energy european-commission
Research Fortnight – Global Science Advice special, Auckland, August 2014 – Commentary, 2014 ingsa2014
The Cuban Scientific Advisor’s Office: Providing science advice to the government – 2014, , , 2014 cuba ingsa2014 models-of-science-advice
The role of evidence in policy formation and implementation: Report from NZ Prime Minister’s CSA – 2013, , 2013 ingsa2014 principles

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