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ISC and INGSA Occasional Paper: Principles and Structures of Science Advice – An Outline

From both supply and demand perspectives, science advice for policy has come
to be seen as both informing policy solutions and underpinning the public trust necessary to
implement them successfully.

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UN CEPA strategy guidance note on the Science-policy interface

The United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) requested that INGSA provide a Strategy Guidance Note on evidence-to-policy mechanisms to enable public administrators to understand the foundational strategies they can operationalise.

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Tracking Global Evidence-to-Policy pathways in the coronavirus crisis

A preliminary report in Sept 2020 on the findings emerging from the INGSA Covid Policy Tracker.

In the early stages of the pandemic, INGSA led the data collection response on evidence-to-policy pathways in national covid responses around the world.

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Data Science: A Guide for Society

A collaboration of Sense About Science UK, Elsevier, and INGSA.

It aims to explain the language of data science and highlight the key questions to ask those people using data science as evidence. Issues of quality of data
analysis, rejecting hype, recognising
what’s useful, and the importance of transparency.

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Resource Library – Reports

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Science Europe – Guidance on Science for Policy Activities

Policy- and decision makers deal with complex, knowledge-demanding challenges for which simple solutions do not …

2024Europe, , 2024europeeurope principles science-europe
View from the top: Academic leaders’ and funders’ insights on the challenges ahead

Abstract: Today’s institutional leaders face a shifting landscape of challenges. View from the Top: Academic …

2024, , , 2024academic elsevier foresight leadership
An evaluation framework for institutional capacity of science-for-policy ecosystems in EU Member States

Abstract: This report sets out an evaluation framework to assess the institutional capacity of science-for-policy …

2023Europe, , , 2023europeecosystem european-commission evaluation framework
Flipping the Science Model: A Roadmap to Science Missions for Sustainability – ISC

Both natural and social sciences have made significant contributions to our understanding of the challenges …

, , , isc mission-based-science sdgs sustainability
G20 Chief Science Advisers’ Roundtable (G20-CSAR) – Mar2023 – Meeting Documents – Press Release – Video

In March 2023, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand hosted the First Meeting of G20-Chief Science Advisers Roundtable (G20-CSAR), …

, , , , 2023 chief-science-advisor g20 india one-health
Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges Report – 2022 and 2023 update – 7 Languages

The Evidence Commission report (released in January 2022, along with an executive summary) had two …

, , , , 2022 2023 covid19 mcmaster-forum report
Science Advice Ecosystems in France, Portugal and Greece – Joint Research Centre Reports

During September 2022, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published the three external …

, , , , , , , , 2022 ecosystem europe european-commission evaluation france greece jrc portugal
Evidence-informed policy making – Building a conceptual model and developing indicators 2022 – EU Report

In principle, the application of available scientific evidence to policy making should improve its quality. …

, , , , , 2022 ecosystem europe european-commission indicators principles
Assessing national institutional capacity for evidence-informed policymaking: the role of a science-for-policy system – Kathryn Oliver 2022

This report sets out a conceptual map for potential elements of a science-for-policy advisory ecosystem. …

, , , , , ecosystem europe european-commission indicators jrc principles
INGSA-LAC Report: El papel del conocimiento científico en la formulación de políticas en Colombia – 2022

El papel del conocimiento científico en la formulación de políticas en Colombia, in collaboration with …

, , , 2022 colombia ingsa-report report
The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in Africa – INGSA-Africa Consensus Study – 2020/21

The INGSA-Africa Consensus Study Report – The Evolving Science Advisory Landscape in …

, , , , , ecosystem global-south ingsa-report ingsa-africa research stakeholders
Modelling for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Overview of JRC models

Abstract: Evaluating the potential impacts of each policy on all sustainability dimensions (economic, social and …

, , , , 2020 europe european-commission modelling sdgs
INGSA-Africa – 2020 Research Survey on the role of scientific knowledge in Policymaking: Researcher & Policymakers perspectives

Overview of Survey The research project carried out under the commission of the International Network …

, , , , 2020 africa ingsa-africa report survey
Interlinkages and policy coherence for the Sustainable Development Goals implementation: An operational method to identify trade-offs and co-benefits in a systemic way

Abstract:The broad scope and complexity of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute a new challenge …

, , , , , , 2019 ecosystem europe european-commission jrc policy sdgs
Data Science: A Guide for Society – Sense About Science, Elsevier and INGSA Report – 2019

, , , , 2019 data-science ingsa-report report technology
Next Steps for sustainable science advice in Canada – Royal Society Canada 2018

A Royal Society of Canada Position Paper Executive Summary: We live in an epoch of …

2018North America, , 2018north-americacanada foresight sustainability
Evidence Synthesis for Policy: A Statement of Principles – The Royal Society 2018

Evidence synthesis supports well-founded policymaking and public debate. The common question ‘What is the evidence …

2018, 2018principles synthesis
INGSA Report on Digital Wellbeing: Implications for research, policy and measurement

INGSA Research Report – Digital Wellbeing – Understanding wellbeing in the context of rapid digital and associated …

, , , , 2018 digital-wellbeing ingsa-report oecd technology
Approaches to Developing Capacity for the use of Evidence in Policy Making – INASP VakaYiko 2016

Around the world, we are seeing increases in domestic and international investment, recognition in the …

2016Africa, , , 2016africaafrica capabilities impact skills
The Place of Research-based Evidence in Policymaking – Technopolis report 2015

This report discusses the use of research-based evidence in policymaking. It is based on interviews …

, , , 2016 europe report research

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